1. “Retail”

NaviBees offers location-based marketing tools that increase revenues and profits. It is smartphone driven, so taps into the growing trend of consumers using their phones to help with making purchasing decisions.

With NaviBees, individual retailers can send targeted marketing messages to potential customers, based on their profiles. They can increase traffic to their stores, influence impulse purchases, improve customer satisfaction, and generate increased levels of customer loyalty.

The analytics that NaviBees provides will also help you get a better understanding of your customers. With this information you can improve the experience, and generate more sales. The information you get includes customer flow, the numbers of customers that visit particular stores, how long they spend there, and more. As well as using this information to improve your shopping mall you can also offer it to your partners. You can charge them for this, giving you another revenue stream. They will get customized and specific reports on customers and potential customers that they can then use in their marketing efforts.

Indoor navigation system for shopping malls and retailers

2. “Parking”

Finding a suitable parking space, and then finding their car once they finish shopping, are two of the challenges faced by consumers, particularly when visiting large shopping centers. NaviBees solves these problems by helping the customer find the best possible parking space, based on the current parking situation. It saves where the customer has parked and then guides the customer to the store or area they wish to go to. When the customer is finished shopping, it guides them directly back to their car.

3. “Security”

NaviBees gives you greater control over security in your shopping mall, and provides information to help make your processes and procedures more efficient. You can track security staff and assign them tasks, set alarms to tell you when a customer enters a non-public area, and set notifications for when particular areas of the shopping center become busy. The system's analytics provides information on customer flow, locations visited and time spent. It also matches this with the security capacity you have at particular locations so you can analyze performance.

Indoor navigation system for Security



with NaviBees customers can quickly and easily search and then physically find whatever they are looking for. This could be anything from a shop or a restaurant to an ATM or bathroom. It even gives up-to-date information, such as shop opening hours.

Find your way

guide customers to exactly where they want to go, using a route that meets the objectives of your business. This helps you control user flow while improving the customer experience.

Meet your friends

customers can easily share their location on NaviBees using social media. This brings friends together, and is a good marketing tool.

Save your parking spot

the system saves the exact location of where a customer parks their car so they can easily find it again, even after several hours of shopping.

Keep an eye on your child

NaviBees lets you offer customers a system which notifies them if their child wanders off while inside the shopping mall and helps them find the child again.

Assist visitors with special needs

guide customers with mobility issues through your shopping mall by the most accessible route. For visually impaired customers you can also provide voice guidance.

Send promotions instantly

with NaviBees it is possible to send personalized and targeted messages by push notification to customers in the shopping mall. This can be used by management, retailers or advertising partners to send greetings, promotions, coupons, discount offers, and more.

Proximity-based notifications

notifications can be targeted by location as well as the time of day and the customer's profile. This means messages can be sent when customers are approaching a store, or as they are walking away from the entrance, to encourage them to go inside and make a purchase.

Visitor profiling and analytics

get detailed analytics and statistical data on the customers visiting your shopping mall. This includes customer flow through the mall, length of visit, walking times, stores visited, and more. With this information you can improve the customer experience, and create more effective marketing campaigns.

Management and reporting

manage the systems and processes in your shopping mall more effectively with NaviBees both in real time and by using the data to analyze statistics and heat maps.