1. “Terminals & Gates”

NaviBees provides crucial information to travelers at airports and railway stations to help them quickly and easily find what they are looking for. This information is displayed automatically, reducing the administrative burden on you. It is also highly efficient, helping keep travelers in commercial areas for longer, while ensuring they reach their gate or departure point on time.

NaviBees is designed to meet the rapidly changing needs of modern airports and railway stations. Those needs include increased traveler numbers, higher traveler expectations, and making diverse revenue streams such as shopping areas, parking, and restaurants successful and profitable. With a NaviBees indoor navigation solution in place, travelers can easily find their way through the most complex airports and railway stations, making their experience less stressful and more enjoyable.

Right from the moment they arrive at a parking space they will be guided through crucial locations like the check-in desk and security checkpoints, as well as to bathrooms, ATMs and other points of interest including lounges, shops, restaurants and more. They will also know exactly where their gate or platform is, and how long it will take to get there from their current location. As a result they can comfortably spend longer in commercial areas knowing they won't miss or delay their flight or train. You can even use it as a terminal solution.

You can also use NaviBees to learn more about the traveler experience, and to get real time information. For example, you can analyze waiting times at security checkpoints, and you can see the current location of passengers which helps with passenger calls.

indoor navigation system for Terminals & Gates

2. “Shopping & Retail Area”

NaviBees offers you and the retailers in your airport or railway station ith powerful tools to more effectively target travelers. This is done through location-based marketing and traveler profiles. In other words, a retailer can send targeted push notifications to particular travelers based on their current location and their profile.

You can also guide travelers through your airport or railway station in a targeted way. For example, you can ensure certain people pass certain shops, based on their travel itinerary. The system is entirely flexible, and includes functions like Around Me which displays information about shops in the traveler's immediate environment. Everything displayed can be customized to create the best user experience possible.

You also get detailed analytics to help you analyze the effectiveness of your operation. For example, you can get information on traveler flow, length of time spent in retail zones, and shop visits. The breakdown of data goes all the way down to shelf level if required, and it is fully compliant with all data protection laws.

Airports & Rail stations indoor navigation system

3. “Parking Area”

NaviBees makes parking easier for travelers arriving at your airport or railway station, and it gives you greater control. It is customizable and flexible so is suitable in locations with multiple car parking options, or locations where car parking provision is restricted.

NaviBees firstly recommends a parking location based on departure/arrival information, and the spaces that are available. This ensures travelers quickly find a space that is as close as possible to their gate or platform.

Once the car is parked NaviBees saves the location making it easy for the traveler to find their car when they return. They can also see a transparent and simple calculation of the car parking fees they can expect to pay.

In addition you can adapt the system to current circumstances. This helps you manage overloading and other issues that arise with managing large and/or multiple car parks.

Indoor navigation system for parking

4. “Security & Safety”

NaviBees helps to make your airport or railway station safer and more secure, while also making your security procedures and processes more efficient. It does this through providing real time information and detailed analytics.

Specifically your control room can use NaviBees to track security personnel and assign them tasks. They can also monitor security checkpoints in real time to identify those that are overcapacity and need support. Plus there is an alarm function to notify operators if a non-authorized person enters a non-public are.

Detailed analytics is also available to help you improve the security and safety in your airport or railway station. This includes information on traveler behavior and movement while in your station or terminal building, and the capacity and performance of individual security checkpoints and locations.

Indoor navigation system for security & safety



travelers can quickly and easily find points of interest suitable to them. This includes gates, platforms, offices, shops, restaurants, bathrooms, ATMS and more. The real-time information displayed includes opening hours and descriptions.

Find your way

turn-by-turn, real-time navigation indoors to route travelers in your airport or railway station to where they want/need to go.

Social media

travelers can share locations with friends and family on social media, raising the social media profile of your airport/railway station, and the profile of your commercial tenants.

Traveler interaction

welcome travelers when they arrive, ask for feedback, notify and guide them to special events, provide location-based alerts, and send notifications.

Provide facilities' information

quickly and easily provide targeted and up-to-date information to travelers on anything related to their time in the airport or railway station. This includes shop opening hours, special offers, and travel information.

Boarding systems

make your boarding process more efficient by giving travelers their boarding pass through the app. The app will then tell them what gate or platform they need to go to, and will estimate the time it will take them to get there. It will also guide them once they start making their way to it.

Save a parking spot

NaviBees saves the location of a traveler's parked car making it easy for them to find it when they return from their trip.

Traveler’s insights

NaviBees automatically collects anonymous statistics to help you analyze performance, layout and procedures. The information you get includes traveler flow, how long traveler's stay in particular locations, queue waiting times, and more.

Heat maps

use heat maps to identify busy and quiet areas to make your airport or railway station more efficient, and improve safety. This creates better experiences for travelers.