1. “Interactivity”

Museums have been at the forefront of interactive technologies that bring visitors as close to the exhibits as possible. NaviBees will help your museum move to the next level of interactivity to stay ahead of the technological curve and engage your visitors. It uses your visitor's own smartphone or tablet to deliver information about what they are looking at in real time. This is done through beacons - when a visitor passes a beacon, the information you have entered about the exhibit is displayed on their screen.

Managing the content is also easy as beacons only need deployed once. If you need to change the content delivered by that beacon (because of a change of exhibit, for example), you simply update the information on our web platform, and the beacon will start sending out the new information immediately.

indoor navigation system app for Museums

2. “Tours”

NaviBees is a powerful ad hoc navigator for your museum, allowing visitors to find an exhibit, specific item, amenity or facility and then navigate to it. In addition to this functionality however, you can also create tours and pre-set itineraries.

These create an enhanced user experience as visitors are guided through the various exhibits in a way that maximizes the learning experience. In addition, you can use itineraries and tours to control the flow of traffic through your museum in order to reduce overcrowding and bottlenecks around popular exhibits. This makes your museum more efficient but it also makes the experience of the visitor more enjoyable.

A wide range of statistics and analytics data is also available, taken from actual visitor experiences in your museum. You can track the visitor flow, identify the exhibits that attract the most attention, measure time spent in the museum or at particular areas, get information on walking distance, and more. With this information you can make decisions on organization, position or processes to help improve visitor flow and general museum experience.

The data also allows you to identify particular exhibits that are of interest to individual visitors. With this information you can send them suggestions on other exhibits they should visit.

indoor navigation system app for Museums Tours

3. “Parking”

NaviBees helps with parking for your visitors in a number of ways. Firstly it can help your visitors find a suitable parking space while also helping you manage overcrowding in certain parking areas. Visitors get an easy to read calculation of the parking fees they can expect to pay, plus they can save the location of their parked car on the app, making it simple to find once their museum visit is over.

indoor navigation positioning for Parking

4. “Security”

NaviBees can also help with security processes in your museum. Specifically, it can support your management and security control room by tracking individual security personnel as they move through the building. Tasks can be sent to those individuals immediately, based on their location. You can also set alarms to, for example, notify the control room of anyone entering a non-public area of the museum.
Analytics data on visitor movements and behavior while in your museum can also help you improve safety and security. One example is by analyzing crowded areas.

indoor navigation system app for security


Special tour routes

create curated itineraries and tours to enhance the learning experience of visitors in your museum, and assist you in managing traffic flow, particularly at popular exhibits.

Find a specific exhibit

NaviBees calculates the shortest route to an exhibit that a visitor wants to see, and then helps them get there. This helps them see as much as possible, maximizing their experience on the day of their visit.

Save a parking spot

visitors can save the location of their parking spot in the app so their car is easy to find at the end of their museum visit.

Social media integration

NaviBees makes it easy for museum visitors to share their location and thoughts directly on their social media channels. This enhances communication and provides your museum with a welcome marketing boost.

Assist visitors with special needs

you can provide enhanced assistance to visitors with special needs. NaviBees can provide information on the most accessible routes around your museum, and gives audible navigational instructions to visitors who are visually impaired.


communicate directly and in real time with your visitors based on their current location, interests and profile. Send them information as well as welcome messages, requests for feedback, event invitations, and more.

Ticketing system integration

visitors can buy tickets to your museum directly from the app. You can also use this functionality to communicate with visitors, send them updates, and offer suggestions

Content delivery

give visitors text and multimedia content about the exhibits they are looking at directly on their smartphone or tablet. This saves you money while also providing an enhanced user experience for your visitors.

Statistical information

with NaviBees you will have access to invaluable analytics and statistical information on things like visitor flow, times of visit, visit duration, visitor profile, and more. You can use this information to improve operational issues and for marketing purposes.

Management and reporting

identify bottlenecks, overcrowded exhibits, and overly quiet locations using heat maps to help you create new targets, make physical changes, and/or procedural changes to improve the efficiency of your museum.