1. “Services”

NaviBees improves efficiencies and creates better user experiences for staff, students, and visitors in university complexes and large offices. In offices, staff can search for the office locations of other team members and for unoccupied meeting rooms. A calendar function is also available to help staff plan meeting room and office use, plus there is a Buddy finder tool so that staff can easily find each other.

The system can also be used by visitors. In particular, visitors can be automatically guided by the system to the person, office or location they need, and they can be tracked. All NaviBees functionality complies with data protection laws.

Similar functions can benefit staff and students in university and college complexes, helping them find classrooms, fellow students, lecturers, or other members of staff.

In addition, NaviBees can be integrated with existing systems to provide even more information to users. Examples include news feeds, cafeteria menus, and parking information. It can even help visitors, staff and students find where they have parked their car.

indoor navigation positioning for university

2. “Operations”

Security and operational processes and procedures are improved with NaviBees in a number of situations, including large office complexes, plants, and university complexes. Real-time control is improved and location information on staff is available to control centers and management. Tasks can be immediately assigned based on location, with the system working in both indoor and outdoor areas of your site.

You also get analytics information on the movement of staff (such as security personnel). Other data is available too, such as the flow of people through your buildings and facilities, the length of stay in particular areas, and more.

indoor navigation positioning for office complex


Search for a required place

Visitors, students or staff will always be able to quickly and easily find the location they are looking for. This includes offices, meeting rooms, classrooms, restaurants, bathrooms, ATMs and more. Detailed information is also provided, including opening hours and descriptions.

Find your way

NaviBees guides staff, visitors, and students to anywhere in your facility with real-time navigation. This creates a better experience and makes your operation more efficient.

Meet your friends

Visitors, staff members, and students can share their location directly from the app on their social media accounts. This helps people communicate and interact, and is a powerful marketing tool.

Interact with your staff

Send messages and push notifications to staff members or students to keep them up to date, get feedback, and provide useful information

Inform your students

Universities and college complexes can send information to students in real time about events, office hours, restaurants, and other useful information

Event management and promotion

Announce events and encourage attendance through push notifications. You can also guide people to the event location, send alerts, and welcome attendees with personalized messages.

Digital sign-in

Staff can sign into offices and meeting rooms with the app, while students in universities can do the same with classrooms, labs and more.

Visitor insights

Analyze the behavior of visitors to your facility to improve efficiencies and create a better visitor experience. The data you can analyze includes visitor numbers, visitor flow, walking times, walking distance, time of visit, and more